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2014 Bowman Draft Jumbo

2014 Bowman Draft Jumbo Image

Just as its name implies, 2014 Bowman Draft Baseball focuses on the latest draft picks who are taking their first pro steps towards their major league careers. As it has for more than a decade, the product mixes both Bowman and Bowman Chrome brands.

2014 Bowman Draft Baseball hobby boxes are highlighted by the promise of one autograph. This is in line with previous years, but down from the two guaranteed in 2014 Bowman Chrome Baseball. Leading the way are Chrome Draft Pick Autographs. These are the first cards to feature 2014 picks in their MLB uniforms. Parallels come in a mix of Refractor colors: Blue, Green, Gold, Black, Orange, Purple, Red and Superfractor. They also have Printing Plates.

Many of the other autographs in 2014 Bowman Draft Baseball continue sets started with other products during the year. Bowman Black (#/25) returns with its distinct look and a new lineup of prospects. They have Violet (#/10) parallels once again. AFLAC, Perfect Game and Under Armor Autographs feature some of the earliest signatures of players as they were signed in the past at the special high school events.

The Bowman brand has never been huge into relics and memorabilia cards. The only ones here are numbered Futures Game Relics. These include jersey swatches from the 2014 SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game, a mid-season event that spotlights top minor league talent. These have one-of-one Black parallels and Jumbo-exclusive Red parallels (#/5).

There are 220 base prospect cards in the product for both Bowman and Bowman Chrome. As you'd expect, there are several levels of parallels. For Bowman, these include Blue, Red, Black, Silver Ice, Red Ice, Purple Ice, White Ice, Orange Ice (Jumbo exclusive)and Printing Plates. Besides basic numbered Refractors, among the other Chrome parallels are Blue Refractors, Green Refractors, Gold Refractors, Black Refractors, Orange Refractors, Red Refractors, Printing Plates and Superfractors.

Wave Refractor hots packs are back. These have their own assortment of parallels that come with a hard-to-mistake textured design.

The 1989 Bowman Is Back Silver Diamond Refractor insert set carries on as it has with other 2014 Bowman products. These use the 1989 Bowman Baseball design but with current players. Superfractor parallels can also be found.

New to 2014 Bowman Draft Baseball are Initiation inserts. These numbered cards are intended to commemorate players joining the Bowman fold.

The product has a handful of other basic insert sets as well. Future of the Franchise Mini Chrome cards focus on a top prospect in each organization. Black parallels are exclusive to Jumbo boxes. Dual Draftees pair up two 2014 draft picks that have a common bond. Draft Night uses pictures from the 2014 MLB Draft. Bowman Scouts' Breakouts is highlighted by a die-cut design. Dual Draftees, Draft Night and Breakouts all have autographed parallels as well.

In addition to basic hobby and jumbo boxes, 2014 Bowman Draft has new Super Jumbo boxes that come with an autograph in every other pack (five total autographs per box). Besides a bigger pack (43 basic Bowman and 17 Bowman Chrome cards), they have a few exclusives: Base Green Paper parallels, Super Jumbo Refractors (base, prospects and Chrome Prospect Autographs), Future of the Franchise Red parallels, and 1989 Bowman is Back Red parallels.

Product Configuration: Hobby - 24 packs per box, 7 cards per pack; Jumbo - 12 packs per box, 34 cards per pack; Super Jumbo - 10 packs per box, 60 cards per pack
Price Point: Low- Mid-End Baseball Card
Target Audience: Prospectors, Autograph Collectors, Refractor Collectors

2014 Bowman Draft Baseball Jumbo Box Break

3 Autographs
24 Refractors
408 Total Cards

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