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2014 Topps High Tek

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The 1990s wasn't a decade known for its subtleties. Towing the line of fashion and design, sports cards often took a loud approach as well. One of the lasting brands that showcased this sensibility was Topps Tek, a wild line that had featured a lot of pattern variations even by today's parallel standards. Those same ideals are back with 2014 Topps High Tek Baseball.

The configurations have been tweaked but the basic ideals of bold designs, acetate card stock and patterns and parallels a plenty remain. And there's nothing subtle about it.

At its most basic, the 2014 Topps High Tek Baseball set has 100 cards. But here's where things get a little complicated, just like the original Tek. Each base card has six different pattern variations. So if you want a full master set, you're looking at 600 cards. Taking things a step further is the fact that all patterns aren't printed in equal numbers. If you're curious about base patterns and rarity, we've compiled a visual guide.

While each player has six variations, there are 12 total patterns. That's because American Leaguers have six and National League players have six that are different.

But it doesn't stop there. Each base card has eight parallels plus Printing Proofs. Most of the parallel names don't go for basic color labels either. The include: Gold Diffractor, Ice Diffractor, Disco Diffractor, Clouds Diffractor, Black and White Image Diffractor (#/15), Red Storm Diffractor (#/10), Blue Dots Diffractor (#/5) and Charcoal Galactic Diffractor (1/1). Parallels apply only to one pattern.

All cards use acetate stock for its base. Patterns are done with foil, making for some very out there designs that will likely polarize many collectors.

Perhaps the biggest change with the revamped Topps Tek is the configuration. During its original run, it had a traditional pack structure. Although autographs and memorabilia could be found in lots of products by the time it was retired, the pattern chase and a handful of other inserts were the only added chase elements.

2014 Topps High Tek Baseball goes in a different direction. Boxes have just one pack. Each has six base cards, one parallel and an autograph.

Autographs are all on-card. While no signers have been confirmed yet, it will include a mix of veterans, retired stars and rookies. Autograph parallels include Disco Diffractor, Clouds Diffractor, Black and White Image (#/15), Red Storm Diffractor (#/10), Blue Dots Diffractor (#/5), Charcoal Galactic Diffractor (1/1) and Printing Proofs (1/1).

Buyback Autographs are done on original Topps Tek cards released between 1998 and 2000.

Three basic insert sets have roots in Tek sets from the past. These include TEKnicians, TEKtonics and Low Tek Diffractors. All three also have autographed parallels.

Product Configuration: 1 pack per box, 8 cards per pack
Price Point: High-End Baseball Card
Target Audience: Player Collectors, Team Collectors, Collectors Who Loved the '90s, Autograph Collectors

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